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Randy Bartlett



Born and raised in the Hawaiian Islands, Randy Bartlett is dedicated to the conservation of Hawaii’s native eco-systems. Through his photography of endangered plant and animal species, Randy strives to capture moments of divine beauty in nature. His images focus on subject, light, color and composition, capturing the raw essence of nature while also revealing to the most seasoned Hawaii residents the exquisite but rarely seen endemic species on our islands. Randy thus hopes to educate the public and raise awareness about Hawaii’s highly diversified natural environment, which evolved in isolated existence over millennia on the most remote landmass in the world.

Randy’s interest in photography began at an early age, when assisting his father—a commercial photographer—while shooting portraits, weddings, and group pictures. In 1976, Randy took a photography course in high school and became one of the school paper photographers. In 1988, he became a dedicated conservation photographer.

Randy also credits his father for his passion in nature conservation. Each summer, his father took Randy and his brothers on summer “adventures”—mostly hiking trips on Oahu, the neighbor islands, and the mainland. When attending college at the University of Hawaii-Manoa, Randy switched from majoring in architecture to geography, specializing in natural resource management. The summer before his senior year, he volunteered at Haleakala National Park in the resource management department.


After completing his B.A. in geography, Randy moved to Maui and a year later was appointed watershed manager at the Maui Land & Pineapple Company’s Pu`u Kukui Watershed Preserve—the largest, private nature preserve in Hawaii at the time. Randy’s 22-year career at the preserve and experience in the field gave him deep knowledge about and insight into the habitats, behaviors, and seasonal events that dictate where and when specific species can be found and how to witness the quintessence of each plant and animal in its most natural and intimate setting. This he shares with the public through his photography and his devoted work in nature conservation. Read more about Randy's conservation photography by visiting his webpage at