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Russell Lowrey



Growing up in Nu’uanu Valley in Honolulu on O'ahu, Russell Lowrey experienced artistic success as a child when one of his 1st grade paintings of a bird’s eye view of Waikiki was selected for an exhibition in New York City. His most profound artistic influences are deeply rooted in early childhood memories of country drives to the family's North Shore home, where he encountered and developed a life-long admiration of the pristine Hawaiian land, sky, and seascapes.


Initially, Russell painted primarily floral watercolors but when life took him to southern Spain and France—where he lived, worked and travelled extensively for several decades—the classical natural landscapes of the coastal regions of the Costa Brava and Cote d’Azure greatly influenced his art. The impressionistic work of European painters, such as Edgar Degas and Vincent Van Gogh, with their use of radiantly pigmented pastels, also inspired Russell to incorporate pastel as a vibrant and enhancing medium.

Returning to Hawaii from Europe whenever opportunities arose, Russell began infusing these newfound sensibilities into his paintings of the Hawaiian land and seascapes, creating a unique artistic vocabulary among Hawaii’s artists. Russell now lives and works in his hometown of Honolulu. From time to time, he continues to visit family in France, always finding time to capture the diverse beauty, particularly in the surroundings of Provence. During one of his stays in Spain, Russell enjoyed an introduction to serigraph—or screen-printing. He also enjoys making jewelry by combining diverse colors, textures, and materials. His paintings can be found in the State Foundation for Culture and the Arts and the Hawaii State Art Museum collections, as well as in many Hawaii corporations, private collections, and hotels. Visit Russellʻs website at